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Full Site Editing is coming very soon. It will be huge change for WordPress and the entire community. For us – WordPress Developers – it will push the whole workflow and our approach to implementing WordPress projects to a whole new level.

Below you can see great overview of the Full Site Editing feature that was planned to roll out to the public use (as WordPress core feature) in WordPress 5.8.x update somewhere within 2021.

What to expect and what we are excited about:

  • Navigation block will help to work with WordPress navigation in a whole new level.
  • Query block will allow us pull content of posts and pages within a single block and build great layouts like landing page, or custom made Home page without a single extra line of code.

I am also sure there will be a lot of mess all around the world as WordPress themes and plugins will have to be updated and it won’t be a simple update but rather dramatic one. It will be fun to watch for sure 😉

WordPress 5.8. update

WordPress 5.8. update will most likely include features like:

  • All improvements and new features from Gutenberg 9.9
  • New powerful Gutenberg blocks like Navigation, Query, or Website Logo
  • Visual editor to build new templates for your website in Gutenberg fashion – so no coding or external plugins required ?
  • Widget based on Gutenberg blocks
  • More and more settings available for native block, like padding

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