• Key Heuristics for Web Usability and User Experience

    Key Heuristics for Web Usability and User Experience


    When it comes to web apps and websites, usability and user experience (UX) are crucial for keeping users engaged and satisfied. Let’s discuss some fundamental heuristics that can guide you in designing intuitive and user-friendly web interfaces. These principles will help you create experiences that are not only functional but also enjoyable. 1. Visibility of…

  • Nuxt 3.0 has been released!

    Nuxt 3.0 has been released!

    In our company we are fans of Vue.js and Nuxt framework. Nuxt.js is a popular JavaScript framework for building server-rendered applications with Vue.js. It provides a simple and easy-to-use structure for building web applications, with a focus on server-side rendering and performance optimization. With the recent release of Nuxt 3, there are several new features…

  • Loading speed ‘horror’

    Loading speed ‘horror’

    Loading speed is a hot topic in software development industry, with designers and developers using more advanced tools and techniques to make websites more appealing to visitors, the other side is that how loading pages with download consuming videos, images, animations and scripts can affect user experience and even have negative impact on the brand…

  • Popups, overlays and bounce rate

    Popups, overlays and bounce rate

    Some time ago a client asked us to implement a newsletter popup according to his design. This is not an uncommon thing but in this case, the popup was displayed on a single post view and was putting an overlay on the whole viewport when the post was loaded. This was actually important in this…

  • Tests and support WordPress plugins after deployment

    Tests and support WordPress plugins after deployment

    Before deploying a plugin in the official WordPress plugins library, you have to make some essential points from this list. Next, your plugin is meticulously checked by people from WordPress Foundation. After approval, you get access to the SVN repository, where you can put the plugin’s source files. During pushing the plugin files there, your…

  • Astratic Blocks plugin

    Astratic Blocks plugin

    Gutenberg since the WordPress 5.0 is a more and more popular feature in WordPress. This should not change in WordPress 6.0 either. One of the most important advantages of Gutenberg are blocks. They “bring flexibility whether you are building your first site, or write code for a living” (source: wordpress.org). By default, the Gutenberg has…

  • What is RabbitMQ?

    What is RabbitMQ?


    RabbitMQ is an open-source message broker. In short, it manages our queues (asynchronous operations). The broker’s server is written in Erlang, while the API for clients is available in many programming languages, e.g. PHP, java, c #, swift and more. Synchronous and asynchronous operations Synchronous operations are operations (also known as blocking operations) that stop…

  • PHP rules in Coditive

    PHP rules in Coditive

    Code formatting has nothing to do with system performance, optimization or any technical aspects. It is intended to help the whole team keep consistency, readability and conventions that are the standard in the team. The article describes formatting rules that should be applied to work smoothly in the team. Exceptions Consistency is key when it comes…

  • [Plugin] Simple Customizations for WooCommerce

    [Plugin] Simple Customizations for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce lets you easily sell products or services online. A plugin allows you to create a working e-commerce store with basic features, however customizing your store to your preferences may require coding skills. This is why the Simple Customizations for WooCommerce plugin can help you – we’ve made the most requested changes that aren’t available…

  • [Plugin] Simple Floating Contact Form

    [Plugin] Simple Floating Contact Form

    A contact us form is commonly used across the entire web and most companies encourages their website’s visitors to contact. These form can appear in various styles with different functionalities, everything depends on clients needs. But mostly contact forms exists for a one specific purpose, so when we are looking for simple solution for our…

  • How to take care of WordPress updates?

    How to take care of WordPress updates?

    If you are w Web Developer working with WordPress CMS, for sure you are familiar with WordPress core and plugins updates. If more plugins you are using on you website, then more update notifications you can receive. Of course, the best approach is to always have the most recent version of all components, but before…

  • How to use fetch for AJAX requests?

    How to use fetch for AJAX requests?

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    AJAX is one of the most useful solutions that allows exchanging frontend data with the backend one asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behaviour of the existing page. This article shortly describes how it was used in WordPress as usual and what are the recommendations for the latest web stack. If…

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